Weekend wrapped and into a new, somewhat stressful day. Yes!


This weekend flew by. Tina and I finally caught up on a lot of work that we’ve had over the first part of the new year.

So it was a weekend dedicated to not being as responsible as usual. On Friday, I made beer-based beef stew and we watched a movie. I crashed early-ish.

Then on Saturday, we worked out and took Talulah to a nearby park, because our backyard area is frozen in a way that hurts her paws. Saturday night, I made baked cod with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs on a bed of tomatoes with sautéed green beans.

On Sunday, I photographed a corporate head shot and portrait session with Bill. Tina went out to the suburbs for a special one-

Last night, we ate at a new neighborhood restaurant called Q BBQ. It was really good.

Today, I’m shooting portraits of a band called Glasvegas in a studio we setup at JBTV. If you don’t know of JBTV, you should. It’s a 24 music television network that features live performances.

Wednesday, we’re shooting interiors at O’Hare Airport.

And there are a few other things on the docket this week. It’s going to be fun.