capturing interiors like a championship cheetah photog


This morning, we were driving into O’Hare airport when you were probably sleeping.

We went there to capture some interiors for a new architecture client. Our last interior, I was forced to shoot with my canon body, because my widest lens — a 16-35 mm –only works on that body. I’d rather shoot everything with our Hasselblad, but my widest lens is 35mm, which is tough to shoot in tight spaces.

Today I was able to shoot Hassleblad only, and that felt good. The quality/difference of image is astounding.

Since the last shoot, I bought an L-bracket that allows me to take two or three photos vertically and stitch them together easier to make it look like my lens is much wider.

We were there that early to attempt to get photos with less people intruding in the shots. But as it turned out, there were lots of people at the airport at that hour.

Long exposures helps make people look blurry, which helps a lot, because otherwise, we’re risking some kind of infringement of people’s rights.

I’m particularly happy with the way the below photo turned out.




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