Go see “See no evil”, unless you’re blind, then just listen.


Over the weekend, Tina and I watched the 1971 movie “See No Evil” with Mia Farrow. It was available in the free movies area of our OnDemand service.

I recommend watching this movie. It’s a suspense terrifying thriller with a twist, and I loved it.

The below is kind of — but not really — a spoiler, because it doesn’t give the whole movie away, as the movie’s description basically says the same thing.

The movie is about Sarah (Mia Farrow), a wealthy-acting Brit who recently went blind after an accident falling off a horse. She’s just out of the hospital, and she’s inexplicably gone to live with her wealthy aunt, uncle and cousin in the countryside.

Sarah’s an independent spirit, and quickly copes with her blindness and teaches herself to walk about without running into anything in their large home.

While gone one day, riding horses with her boyfriend (not kidding), her family is murdered, which Sarah doesn’t figure out for over 24 hours because she thought they were gone for the night and then slept one off the next morning.

The movie is TERRIFYING with a capital scream out loud with a bag of holy shit balls!

I screamed out loud twice.


And when I scream, the whole neighborhood hears it.

I want you to watch it so we can talk about it.


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