side-by-side comparisons


Today, I drove over to the studio to do some interiors. We have the studio listed to rent hourly to other photographers.

I also wanted to test one of my camera bodies against a newer version that we haven’t bought yet, as it’s been cost prohibitive. I have 2 Canon 5D Mark IIs as my primary cameras. And Dana, our studio partner shoots a 5D Mark III.

The top image is my 5D Mark II and the second image is the 5D Mark III. I bracketed on those two images, so I was able to put detail in the floor and through the window that was lost. But for the most part, they are similarly edited.

The last image is from my Hasselblad. I didn’t bracket that one and I stitched two images together.

My response is that the 5D Mark III treats the reds and contrast a lot better than the older version. And if the Hasselblad images were bracketed, those images would shine high above both the Canon shots.

But hey, it is what it is.

studio ints-1

studio ints-2

studio ints-1-2