Moonrise, oh, moonrise …


Last night before retiring, I brought Talulah down for a poop and a pee.

Across the street, the man in the moon was staring right back at me, and he was tucked perfectly in the nook of the buildings ninety degree angle across the street.

“Talulah, HURRY UP! I gotta go get my camera!

If you’ve ever spent any time staring at the moon (or stars) they move fast. So your window is slim.

I was this far from leaving Talulah downstairs by herself, but I was worried if she pooped, I wouldn’t be able to find it …

When she finished, we ran upstairs waking the neighbor’s dogs to life and they barked us back upstairs. Then I grabbed my tripod, my camera, 70-200mm lens and ran back downstairs.

Instead of the perfect shot, I came up with this one.

One really cool thing about the shot is the lens flair in the bottom left is a little moon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.