Pootin? I thought you’re a peein’!

The arrested developed side of me gets a little coo coo sometimes.

Our office culture consists of Tina, Talulah, Zoe, and me. So when we hear a reference to Putin one hundred and twelve thousand times a day, you can imagine the silly, 13-year-old jokes that start up.

We joke about anything and everything that is reoccurring. Especially when the traffic reports come on. We have about six different ways we say, “Wolf in”. I have a way of saying “Dan Ryan” that mimics the way the character Marcie in the movie Magnolia says to John C. Reilly’s character in the scene where he finds the body in the closet, “That ain’t mine!

Tina’s common response to newscasts repeating Putin every 5 minutes is, “If you’re not peein’, you’re pootin’.”

We’re appalled by what’s going on over there, but feel a little like our hands our tied since nobody’s going to listen to Tina and I on foreign affairs. They’re definitely not going to listen to us now that we’re throwing out these awful jokes about it.


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