Why I shoot medium format

DHR Corporate Head Shots

Over a year ago, I rented a medium format camera, and after seeing the detail, the color accuracy, the quality … I set out to buy a medium format body, lens, back and a couple lenses.

Mind you, I spent less than $5,000 on the body, back and one lens. I went with a used Hasselblad H3D-31, which I’ve never seen priced out below $7,000. I’m pretty sure I got a lightning strike deal.

The initial expense (and occasional weak moments) triggered some buyers remorse. But every time I shoot the camera, I revel in its brilliance, and can’t imagine not having it in my camera bag/equipment arsenal.

This image above is a corporate head shot, and the crop is closer to 100%. Imagine being able to see the bust and space over his head. I love that there are more than enough pixels to push in and see all that detail.

I also love that this is about the closest we can get to staring right into this guy’s face without him actually being here. You can almost smell what he had for lunch.

It will be very difficult to ever go back to just shooting DSLR.

Mind you, I love DSLR. And I use my other bodies much more often. But when possible, I only shoot the Hasselblad.

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Friday afternoon break and spirit builder … these people deserve a slice of heaven every day

This is the first prank that tears of joy and empathy streamed from these eyeballs of mine. The prank is providing homeless people with a high-end meal. And man, it brought me to a deep emotional place.

There are days when I pinch myself for realizing how lucky I am to live the life I live with Tina and our animals.

I’m an armchair proponent of humanitarian equality. I wish I were more active, and feel a good amount of guilt when I remember how much I don’t do.

Maybe sharing this video might at least devote some attention and awareness to the topic.

Via Cynical C