For bragging rights, or to wallow in my sorrow, or to give a detailed account of what’s up

Over the past three weeks, Tina and I have:

  • Photographed close to 6,500 images
  • That’s three bands, five events, six interiors and 63 corporate head shots, five portraits, and three bunnies.
  • We delivered approximately 1,000 images (out of 6,500)
  • Shot over 400 gigabytes of video footage
  • Almost completed an 18-minute video out of that footage.
  • Delivered eight requests for estimates
  • Helped raise money and awareness for two different charities (children with special healthcare needs and cancer).
  • Hired three contractors to help with production, photo and video editing
  • Worked on launching a new site with a new identity
  • Ordered new business cards
  • Did our best to maintain our workout schedules
  • Tried really hard to keep up with our social life
  • Stuck by each other through every hour

All of the above is true except for the two bunnies.

There were only two.


Thing is, we have a to-do list that just doesn’t seem to quit.

I’ll take it.


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