Photos! Strange Talk at #JBTV

Last week, one of the bands I shot was aussie band Strange Talk. This was another one of those experiences that when I researched their sound, I was meh.

But when I saw them perform live, I’d totally be a fan.

The guys were all super cool, and when we photographed our portrait — which I’ll post later — they were stoked to be in a photo that wasn’t stylized. The guitarist Gil said, “It’s so good to see us in our own clothes.”

I took that as a compliment … in a way. Why publicists and management folks force people to not be themselves is, well, not beyond me. I get it. I just think a band should have a bit of say about what the image is they are trying to convey.

Unless of course that image is ketchup-stained, couch potato look. Then, yes, a publicist should get involved.

I’ll throw a music video below the fold so you can get a feel for their sound and if you’d like to do so.















4 thoughts on “Photos! Strange Talk at #JBTV

  1. Cool! Thanks for both of your comments.

    I’ll probably post the portrait I took of them later this week, so check back.

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