When you’re sick, the last thing you do — after dying — is check the internet …

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling great.

Over night on Sunday, I felt like someone kicked me in the crotch. Apparently there’s very little difference between stomach cramps and being punched in the balls.

On Monday, I was completely shut down. And by completely, I mean I got up to send a couple emails, but otherwise I was out for the count.

Tina took care of me. Luckily. She felt fine enough to do that.

I had some rice and chicken for lunch and the Xeroxed that menu for dinner.

Just before lunchtime, I checked the internet for what to do about stomach cramps. The results were less than great. With stomach cramps, I could have everything from appendicitis to some kind of cancer.

I probably had nothing more than a bit of a bug, but — goddammit — the internet is the worst consultant in the world.

I would have been better off just calling my mom. She would have said, “Get some rest and eat some rice” — which I did.

Or I would have been better off asking Jesus; because no answer would have been better than having the Internet worry me that I have appendicitis … or CANCER!

The next time I get sick, no internet will be consulted.

That’s it.

playing with double exposure …

Back when I shot Lollapalooza 2012, one of the other photographers was shooting in-camera double exposures of bands he was covering. At the time, they were pretty neat, but my camera didn’t have that function.

My newest camera has this function on it.

On Sunday, I photographed a punk band called The Men. I was a little bored, so I ended up shooting a couple to see how it worked. I’ll put them below. They’re not bad.

themen themen1