Finally! Research to suggest I’m healthy: “A healthy individual can have up to 18 flatulences per day and be perfectly normal”

As reported in this article at NPR:

Many of the smelly sulfur compounds in vegetables have healthful properties.

Take for instance, the broccoli, mustard and cabbage family. These Brassica vegetables are packed with a sulfur compound, called sulforaphane, that is strongly associated with a reduced risk of cancer.

Another possible benefit of a little smelly gas? It may reduce the total volume of air in the gut, Kashyap says.

Why? Because bacteria and archaea make the sulfur gas from other gases in the gut, like hydrogen.

“Bacteria that make sulfide gas are really important,” Kashyap says. “They can cause smelliness, but they can reduce the total amount of gas flow.”

Of course, having too much of anything can be bad. If gas and bloating start interfering with your quality of life, Kashayps recommends seeing a doctor.

But don’t immediately blame your diet, Kashyap says.

In many cases, people who complain about too much gas actually don’t generate more than others, he says. Instead, they perceive the passing more intensely. Or they pass it more often.

“Yes, a more fiber-rich diet will produce more gas,” Kashyap adds. “But completely eliminating fiber from the diet should not be the first option. You don’t want to starve your microbes.”

So go ahead. Enjoy those lentils. Chow down on the cabbage. Then if you stink a little, think of it as a thank you gesture from your microbiome.

I only posted some of the article. The rest can be read here.

If you’re like me, and your farts pretend every day is like Disneyworld’s multiple-time-per-day parades exiting the sphincter, you’ll want to grab this article’s link and forward it to a few of your closer friends and family.

Take that, Tina!

The glorious golden gate awaits you



There are many American structural icons, and the Golden Gate Bridge is certainly one of them.

On our way back from Napa Valley to the airport, we were able to cross it. And let me tell you, I was filled with magical feelings of crossing an American Iconic structure.


My pulse quickened and my palms sweated.

And my stomach growled, because I was hungry.


Wrapping up a whirlwind trip to northern California …


It’s a good sign when working/vacation schedules prevent frequent checkins on social media.

This morning was our final one in the great state of California. For this trip, we stayed primarily in the north. Starting in the San Francisco area, drifting toward Carmel, Big Sur and Monterey and ending in Napa Valley.

Above is a landscape I took in Carmel from our little cabin we rented for two nights. We were far off the beaten path, and had to navigate a treacherous little dirt road to gain access to it.

We slipped in a meal at Nepenthe, which is a well-known, touristy spot overlooking a gorgeous vista and landscape out toward the pacific. We also were able to visit Sea Lions in Monterey where we had breakfast nearby and watched them while we ate. We went early enough to the Fisherman’s Wharf that we avoided a lot of tourist traffic and had the area to ourselves.

Our final leg involved one night in a lovely suite at a place called the Gaige, where we’ve enjoyed wine tastings, a couple’s massage, and the amenities of a beautiful space. Below is the view from Nepenthe. More images to come.