Getting ourselves acquainted …



Over the last week, we’ve been making our way into the new studio space. It’s weird to think we’re taking this giant leap, at least for us, to have a real commercial work space.

I have my work setup on a rolling desk. Bill’s going to do the same thing. That way we don’t have to worry about our things getting in the way. If we need a certain area for shooting, we’ll just roll our desks out of the way.

My head is spinning with how to make this transition smoothly. It’s so exciting that it’s hard to concentrate.


Visual comedy is an art

This video is the closest I get to church experiences in which — while I’m watching — I’m all vocal, saying the equivalent of “Preach it, brother!” and “Uh huh! Yes! So true!”

There are a lot of movies that I absolutely can’t stand because of the lack of visual jokes. Sight and aural gags are the funniest forms of comedy as they stretch back the furthest into comedic history.

Enjoy this video as much as I did and you get a pat on the back.



Back in 2011, we shot a wedding in Mexico.

Life happens, and the bride is finally getting around to selecting her pictures for her photo album.

I get it, and I’m sure full-time wedding photographers have protocols in place to make sure their clients get in and get things done in a timely way after the wedding.

Personally I don’t mind revisiting a week of my life from a few years ago suffering away under the Mexican sun in a paradisiacal resort.