you gotta work out the kinks in progress … studio test


This is a work in progress edit of some work we did before our vacation.

You should click to enlarge to get the full effect. And even then, it’s not perfect. The best way to view it is to come to my house and view it on the monitor. The detail all the way to the pores is stunning.


Cinco de Mayo, Nebraska, Dave Barry & you


These past few months have been frequented with pinch-me moments. I like to call them PMMs. PMMs are times when I look inward and outward at what’s going on around me, who surrounds me and what those things are, and I think, “Damn, I’m lucky. I obviously won some sort of lottery.”

Tina is spending the day with her cousin Kelly today. Tina called about 15 minutes after leaving the house and reminded me how much she loved me, and how difficult it is for her to think about leaving me for the day.

She melts my heart.

Despite some setbacks with our studio last week, we have a good level of confidence that our forward trajectory is a positive one. We had an amazing vacation filled with gathering work related photography. We connect romantically often, but it was a change of pace that led to different romantic situations.

So this Cinco De Mayo is a particularly good one for celebration.

Movie recommendation: Nebraska

Last night, Tina and I watched the movie Nebraska. I highly recommend this one. The story telling and production values were really simple. For me, they were simple to the point of distraction. There’s not a lot of camera movement on dollies or cranes.

There was a lot of simplistic editing.

But while I was distracted, because this is what I do for part of my living, I don’t believe most people would be pulled away from the story.

It was an excellent tale of a blue collar family dealing with a realistic view of life, of aging, of relationships and their dynamics between father/son, mother/son, sibling/sibling, people/money, money/friendship et al and vice versa.

This is kind of a spoiler, but I’ll make it as vague as I can. But the movie is about winning the lottery, but not a monetary one. It’s about building relationships with the people, friends and family who love in a way that’s the closest to unconditional. It’s about bonding with those people. It’s about living with mistakes that were made and moving forward.

If you’re interested in a short story about life from a generally realistic point of view, I can’t recommend this movie enough.

And finally Dave Barry

I’ve been reading a Dave Barry book called, “I’ll Mature When I’m Dead.” There have been quite a few laugh-out-loud moments. And I wanted to throw a couple notes here from a chapter called, The Health Care Crisis.

On discussing his doctors brash recommendation not to drink a drip of alcohol at all for health reason, he writes:

I personally have won many crucial arguments at parties because alcohol gave me the conviction to keep arguing until my opponent had no choice but to leave even if he or she was the host. And consider this: if there were no alcohol, there would be no straight white men dancing at weddings.There also would be no such sport as “luge.” And vitally none of the discoveries concerning what happens when you launch bottle rockets from a set of human buttocks would ever have been made. Is that the kind of world you want to live in? Me neither.

And later he writes:

Consider the following disturbing facts (about health care):

  • Fact: American health care is a $2.5-trillion-per-year industry.
  • Fact: and yet it cannot make a hospital gown that completely covers your ass.
  • This year, 253 million Americans will seek emergency medical treatment.
  • Fact: If yo uhave to go to the Emergency room, ALL of these Americans will be waiting in line in ahead of you.
  • Fact: And the waiting area will have a TV playing episodes of Judge Judy at the volume of the Daytona 500.

I hope you enjoyed it a fraction of how much I did.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.