Dumb and Dumber recut as a suspense thriller … Love and Lover

This is so funny, you have to watch it.

If you’re as big a fan of Dumb and Dumber as I am, it will tickle your tackle.

I’m a big fan of the idea that you can take existing art, say a metal song and turn it into something else, like a hymn or ballad.

This is definitely one of those things.

A weekend dedicated to finding a new space



Many of you read about the falling out we had with our last studio, which was beautiful and we loved it.

While we were in that old space on a pay-per-use basis, Tina and I got the taste of owning and operating our own studio, and we loved it.

About a month ago, my artist friend Ryno called me and wanted to pick my brain about having a studio. He was frustrated with how difficult it is to get motivated in his personal space, and has decided that perhaps if he invested in a space, that the inspiration of investment would turn into more productivity.

It’s a noble thought.

Before the tribulations of last week, Ryno explained that his price point was rendering no results. When we got the boot, he asked if we would entertain the thought of getting a space together. I told him yes, but under the pretext that we’d always consider having Bill as first priority of a partner still.

Ryno called us on Wednesday and said, “There’s a space for X that I want to go see. Wanna go?”

Tina and I said sure.

When we saw it, Tina and I both thought, “Yes.”

It’s in a real commercial space with public restrooms, a soda machine in the hall, lots of small business owners. The building is well maintained. We don’t  have to worry about the electricity blowing with some of my gear, like the last place. There’s restaurants in the area, bars, a gorgeous Mariano’s and a 7/11 around the corner, just steps from the front door.

And the straw that broke that back … it’s dog friendly.

Tina and I both wanted it.

Ryno, wasn’t as sure, because the rent didn’t include utilities. But the rent split down the middle was less than we were going to pay for the last studio. So for us, if we paid for half the rent + utilities, we were going to be investing less than before. Score for us. Plus, we thought, if we had to bail on the studio and sublet it, it’s in a price point and a building that is incredibly sought after. Supply and demand. So we feel that the risk is not high.

So with a little bit of enthusiasm, we got Ryno to jump on board and move forward. After all, he found the place.

The trick now is to convince Bill that it’s a great option for moving forward.

The way I see it is it’s a training wheels joint. We can get our heads wrapped around owning and operating a studio.

Of course Bill threw a wrench on the cogs. Just down the hall from our old studio, there’s another one owned by a portrait photographer who offers the space to others for a price. We’ve both been invited to join that studio.

For $400, you can have part-time limited access. For $650, you can have unlimited access within reason. But if we joined in, we’d be splitting the space with six others. That’s a 1/7 chance that your date/times aren’t available.

My draw to this place is that it’s a real work space. It’s going to be where I bring my work station and start working from.

The new space isn’t finished yet. The floors need to be redone. The walls were repainted. See below pictures. We’re leaving that partition for Ryno’s work area.

For the time being, this is what we’re running with. And we couldn’t be happier.