“Don’t ever pay me | I look good in debt!” … music recommendation: Tune-Yards nikki nack


There’s a few things in my rotation right now, but namely Tune-Yards’ new album nikki nack.

It’s so good. It makes me giddy with excitement, sad with anger and enriched with maniacal thoughts. Merrill Garbus is so fucking talented that it pisses me off. 

It’s the kind of indignation that stems of incredible jealousy and the anguish of comparing self to another artist.

I mean, for real.

Her vocal range and instrumentation is distinct, different, demanding, deliberate and damning.

Garbus is a master at what she does and how she does it.

Here’s an NPR review that barely does the new album justice.

I love this one line in a song called Real Thing when she says, “Don’t ever pay me | I look good in debt.”

It makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Oh, I’m no real thing
Water ain’t water if water is wet
(Oh no)
Don’t ever pay me
I look good in debt
(Oh no)
Red, white, blue course through my veins
Binge ‘n purge the USA