May self portrait. Theme flowers.

May self portrait_0162-Edit

Besides being busy as all hell, May’s self portrait stumped me.

I couldn’t find the inspiration that I thought would be sufficient. I’m still not dumbstruck by the idea, but our deadline is the 15th of each month, and I’m 4 days late.

My partner in crime for this project — Sunny Lee — completed her image about 10 days ago. I think she’s waiting to post hers until I post mine.

I finally landed on an idea today after throwing a bunch of ideas out. Tina and I bought flowers to decorate our deck yesterday and this flower set stood out to me.

And yes, that is a worm on the flower to my left … your right. There was a spider that kept popping up, but he wouldn’t stay out long enough for a photo. What an amateur.

I have some behind the scenes shots I’ll post tomorrow.

Basically, I shot a warm CTO on a beauty dish in the front and a cooler temperature rim. It’s not as obvious at the size above, but you can see it better if clicked.


UPDATE: Here’s Sunny Lee’s portrait and blog post.


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