May self portrait … behind the scenes



Our twelve months of self-portrait challenge continued in May with the theme Flowers. You can see the shot I came up with and read more about it here.

We haven’t yet moved into our new studio yet, and I knew I wanted to do another composite.

That means I had to make our small dining area into a studio, which somewhat limits me to shoot something bust up. I mean, I could have shot down my hallway and done full body standing.

My original idea was to only show my nose up behind the flower petals, which is why I’m not wearing a suit. I would have traded up a t-shirt had I known that I would show more than my nose and eyes.

But my light setup was a key with CTO and a rim with a 30º grid. I warmed the rim a little, but not much. I wanted it to go blue.

Below is another BTS and an outtake from the shoot.

This one was a full-on self portrait, as I was able to control the camera with my iPad. It was a perfect focus, but it was good enough for what I needed.

Here’s Sunny Lee’s blog about her experience and image here.

May self portrait_0199-Edit-2

Wisdoms from the Internets


IMG_9576The above dog meme reads, “Of course I believe in the power of barking. The only reason I am alive today is because of barking. Every day a mailman approaches my home and every day I bark until he leaves. To this day he still has not brutally murdered my entire family.

I have the power of barking to thank for that.

Below is So bear and Not So Bear.

I guess that’s not so much wisdom as a perspective.