A portrait of my friend Robert


This is a portrait of my friend Robert that we took yesterday.

My lights were a beauty dish as the key. I faced the beauty dish downward with a touch of diffusion on it. What light is hitting him is feathered. See image below. Tina grabbed this shot after Robert left, but you can see how it’s not pointed directly at my subject.

I put a hair light with a grid to keep the flare off my lens. I feel like I should have left the grid off for parts of it, though. Oh well.

I added a light to hit the background a little, which I wanted directly behind the head, but it’s too difficult to get people to stay in front of it.

I’m pleased with the way they came out. I’ll post more soon.

photo 2

Breaking in the new studio with a couple portrait sessions!

Yesterday Tina and I scheduled two quick portrait sessions with two different friends. I shouted out on Facebook that I wanted two volunteers and took the first two people to raise their hands.

I have to go shoot portraits with the band Polica, but I wanted to share three images from the second shoot with my friend Molly.

The third shot on blue is straight out of camera.


molly pan_0210-Edit


molly pan_0397