Hey United States Postal Service! It’s okay to be nice.


I came to the studio today to let in People’s Gas to turn on our service. I checked the mail, and I found this note on a piece of mail the carrier left.

Keep in mind, the mail was made out to our exact suite number.

I don’t think the USPS has a right to piss people off right now. They’re fast going extinct.

I’m not sure what the problem of leaving mail made out for that suite number might be. But apparently it is.

The issue is that — not only are we sharing the space between three artists — my company is incorporated under r25 productions, inc. but we’re now doing business as Wittefini.

Bill is under his name and we have the other artist. So we might get business mail under many different names. So the names I had to put on the box were many.

But seriously, you can’t leave a nice note or have a printed piece of paper that explains the mail protocol? If it’s so important, it’d be the case.

I had no idea that a mail box required more than mail to a certain group.

The poor carrier is going to have to learn all our business names before leaving us one parcel.

I felt that the note was a little yell-y. Like, “Hey asshole, put your fucking names on the box or you’re not getting shit!”

They also retaped off the box so that the carrier would remember NOT to put mail in our box.

Like I said, the USPS is going extinct. We’ll likely bypass them all together at some point with direct deposits and online bill paying.

But really, you should be nicer. It makes a world of difference!