Interiors on the fly — this is how I photograph interiors handheld



Over the years, I’ve documented a lot of spaces. Ideally, I want to be on a tripod when I shoot them. I take the time to balance the camera. Tina art directs. We take our time. We add light where we can.


Often, clients are in need of quality with a bit of speed. Not all photo shoots are ideal situations in which the light is perfect, the spaces are empty, and everything looks perfectly.


I’ve developed a way that I can photograph interiors quickly hand-holding the camera all while providing a bit of quality.


The method I use is setting one of my custom settings to mirror up, three-second timer, f8, 1/10th, ISO 800 with a 16-35mm 2.8 lens.


Once I switch over to my custom setting, I change my settings to adjust to the situation. The mirror up helps prevent a little unwanted camera jiggle. The timer allows me to not squeeze the shutter release and cause another bit of shake.


Getting up to f8 offers up a decent amount of depth of field and gets me away from the barreling that my 16-35mm gives me at 2.8-10. I prefer to be at f11, but then I start pushing my ISO a bit further than I’d like.


I’ll handhold as slow as 1/4th of a second with the mirror up and the timer on. The shot below of the person walking through the frame is Tina at 1/4th. A lot of these shots are at 1/4th. It’s why the red sign on the first shot is just a little illegible.


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