it would appear that life is good



A couple weeks ago we had a really busy week. We’ve recovered from it somewhat swimmingly, and now we’re plowing forward.

We signed the lease on a new studio in June, and we’re yet to really make the move in. Not completely anyway. There’s a ton of gear there, which is cool. But we still need window shades installed (which we’ve ordered) and a couple other minor things, like a fridge and a curtain.

I might take photos of it today.

But all in all, it’s really exciting.

Last night, I met a good friend and fellow photographer at the space. I wanted to show him and also shoot the bull. We ended drinking a couple beers and talking for 3 hours.

Today we’re hosting an agency who is interested in using us on a few projects. We’re having them to the studio, and while we’ll have to apologize for the windows and a couple different things, I think it’s in a good enough place to impress.

Last night I took these cloud images and I thought I would include them here to suck you into reading this post.



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