6 thoughts on “From today’s studio shoot … gorgeous

    1. Thanks!

      I liked it to.

      When she arrived, I complimented it and she said, “I don’t know what you might think so I brought sweaters and stuff to cover it up.

      I told her I wanted to emphasize it in the shoot.

      She mentioned she might not get it colored in. She said it took about 4 hours and by the end she was ready to go.

      Do you think you’d ever get one?

  1. I would love to get a tattoo. And I’ve been looking at designs similar to this model’s which is why this caught my eye. I’ve thought about getting one on my ribs, but I’ve heard that it can hurt pretty bad in that area.

    Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?

    1. Yeah, I’ve thought about it, but I’m likely out. For a larger one, they are somewhat pricey. And in the race between gear and ink on my body that I might not like in a few years, I’ll choose gear.

      Bill has a sleeve that set him back upwards of $5,000 … I’m pretty sure quite a bit more. Not that I’d get a sleeve, but damn.

      The girl we worked with to do that sports themed photos last year is getting three tattoos removed. She thinks she made a mistake. Tina also has a tattoo she wishes she didn’t get.

  2. Yeah, it’s stories like those that have always stopped me from getting a tattoo. Still, I love admiring the ones that others have.

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