Dreaming of Jeff Buckley


Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a short sitting with musician/vocalist LP.

LP has an incredibly beautiful voice, and in some context, it makes sense that she admires Jeff Buckley as a role model/inspiration.

The sitting was at JBTV, and Jerry had come into the studio area to get a portrait done with her. That’s him above along with LP’s bandmate Tim.

LP brought up that Jeff Buckley had been in the studio. Jerry said he’d been in twice. See some of the recordings here.

And if you’re a fan of Buckley’s, you’ll likely be aware of a stage recording done at the Metro here in Chicago. That was Jerry behind the production. And if you know his work, it is totally his style.

Jerry told LP that Jeff had started writing lyrics to a song at the studio on a napkin and he had it documented somewhere as well.

LP mentioned how big of an influence Jeff is on her work. We all stood there talking and each one of us said we had chills … We all — for that moment — had one degree of separation from one of the most incredible vocalists of all time.

Mind blowing.

Enjoy the video of Grace below.

it would appear that life is good



A couple weeks ago we had a really busy week. We’ve recovered from it somewhat swimmingly, and now we’re plowing forward.

We signed the lease on a new studio in June, and we’re yet to really make the move in. Not completely anyway. There’s a ton of gear there, which is cool. But we still need window shades installed (which we’ve ordered) and a couple other minor things, like a fridge and a curtain.

I might take photos of it today.

But all in all, it’s really exciting.

Last night, I met a good friend and fellow photographer at the space. I wanted to show him and also shoot the bull. We ended drinking a couple beers and talking for 3 hours.

Today we’re hosting an agency who is interested in using us on a few projects. We’re having them to the studio, and while we’ll have to apologize for the windows and a couple different things, I think it’s in a good enough place to impress.

Last night I took these cloud images and I thought I would include them here to suck you into reading this post.



Killer Moon at JBTV

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com


I recently photographed a psychedelic blues three piece at JBTV called Killer Moon.

Before the show starts, there’s a lot of production tidbits happening. The band is walking around the studio or back in the greenroom. Sound folks are preparing cables and microphones. Lighting guys are moving lights from ladders and getting their station set. Camera people are cleaning lenses and gearing up.

Most of the people who work there are volunteers and you often see complete strangers walking around. I walked by one guy who I shook hands with and introduced myself. “You in the band?” he asked me. I shook my head. At the moment, I thought, it’s always great to be confused for being in the band. Bands are cool.

After that, I saw the guys in the band, and I thought, “Huh, that’s what he meant. We’re cut from the same cloth.” I feel like I could be related Killer Moon. Maybe I should go on the road with them.

Anyway, they killed it. They’re definitely worth checking out if you get a chance.

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com© Jeremy Witteveen 2014 | All rights reserved


June Self Portrait … work in progress … theme Adidas


For June’s self portrait, we chose the theme Adidas, and I thought was appropriate to do a soccer theme.

I originally was going to shoot this as a composite, and Tina was a little against it. She liked the idea of keeping me shooting the ball by itself. But once I got home, I liked the way the composite would have looked.

The only problem is, I didn’t shoot the shot of me shooting with another shot of me playing the goalie. The goalie shot here is from a different lens.

I’m thinking about leaving it like this, but I’m not sure. I’d fix up the net a bit more perhaps.

Or I’m just going to end up taking out the goalie all together.

Sometimes I like showing works in progress, because it gives me a chance to ponder it a bit more.

Chicken thighs resting on a bed of fennel & oranges and tossed with olives … Yes, please!


I made this meal last night, and I have to say that I was apprehensive I’d like it or not.

I mean, fennel. Who likes fennel?

I’ve made a salad with it, and it was just okay.

But this meal was amazing. The fennel and oranges are roasted for 15 minutes with a bit of garlic and olive oil. Meanwhile you fry the chicken skin side down in a pan for 10 or so minutes.

Lay the chicken on the fennel and oranges and roast it all together for another 10 to 15. Remove the chicken, toss the olives in and serve on a platter.

It’s definitely integrating into our dinner menu.