A recent architecture/interior shoot

Tina and I shot an architecture job last week.

These kinds of things tend to be somewhat documentarian in nature, rather than an emphasis on selling the aesthetic. The client who hires us is a building group, and they use these images as public relations for their marketing efforts.

Different factors dictate that the photos are done during business hours and we don’t have much flexibility of time. We must work with the staff of people who are working in the space without interfering too much with their schedules.

So while I’m on a tripod, we don’t have the luxury of time to light and art direct too much.

The exterior of the building was taken during a slim window just before gray skies filled the entire sky. I jogged to place the tripod and get the photo.

There’s a photo with two blurry people in it. One of them was Tina and the other one was a guy who happened to exit his office while shooting the shot.

The interiors were well-designed for an office of this kind. One note is the conference table in the last shot. It was made from an old bowling alley lane.










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