The power of turning new leaves



Life lately seems to be a sweet place to be.

My wife Tina — who is also my business partner — and I have been concentrating a lot on growing, marketing and developing our professional business, which you can check out here. We were doing okay for a long time with picking up year-over-year work through our old business name and business model.

We’ve moved away from many clients, and started to target higher-end clients. We’re landing more meetings with these kinds of clients, as all meetings don’t turn to dollars. But networking and growth requires this kind of investment.

I’m blogging more on the professional site and using social media a bit differently than I ever have. I use it to shamelessly plug, say, Tina for a job well done. That kind of social media garners many more likes than a lot of posts featuring my work.

But I’m not worried about that, because I feel like my work gets enough attention that goes unliked largely but noticed plenty. When I’m with different people one on one, they often refer to work that I know they didn’t respond to publicly on social media. It surprises me with what detail people remember things I write and post about.

Personally, Tina and I have been concentrating on health and fitness. Since 2012, I’ve lost almost 20lbs and shaped my physique a little more towards a place I was in high school and college. Tina has lost a similar amount of weight and we do the gym four to five times a week. Tina loves a body pump/weight lifting class. I usually run to the gym and do weights and swim.

With World Cup fever, I’ve been playing more soccer and joined some pickup leagues. Last night, I played soccer for 2.5 hours with a group of five teams on two turf fields, not realizing I just played for 2.5 hours. Tina thought I died somewhere and was lying in a ditch, because I simply didn’t know that much time had passed.

A few weeks ago, Tina asked if I would go get a pedicure with her soon after a long work week. I’ve never had one before. I told her I would as a reward for being so great to work with, as I was apprehensive up until the point of sitting in the chair. I ended up loving it, and my toes loved me back. Having your legs rubbed from the knees down isn’t a bad gig.

The skeptic in me remains skeptical about everything. Sometimes I wonder if we’re going to be in business next year, next month or tomorrow.

But for now, I’m taking aim at the positive and relishing in the fact that I work with my best friend, good things are happening and coming down the pipeline.

Above is a photo I took the other day of a dad on a bike pulling his daughter in a Barbie-pink mini Mustang pulling a Barbie pink Barbie car on rope.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen nor will ever see that sight again.