Well, slit my wrists! I watched the movie August: Osage County over the weekend


Over the weekend, Tina and I watched a nasty black comedy called, August: Osage County, and man, it was a real downer.

But a downer in a good way.

It stars Meryl StreepJulia RobertsEwan McGregorChris CooperAbigail BreslinBenedict CumberbatchJuliette LewisMargo MartindaleDermot Mulroney, and Julianne Nicholson

The performances and lighting were worth the viewing. The pace and the weight of the content was near perfect, if you find perfection in a bit of heart-wrenching, family drama, pain, torture and anger.

If you finish the movie and don’t liken the experiences in the film to ones in your own family, I’m not sure I want to know you. I’m not saying your family is as screwed up as the family depicted in the movie, but I’m damn sure there better be some correlations.

There’s betrayal, lies, infidelities, exposure, anger, yelling, truth telling, throwing dishes, temper tantrums, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and that’s just the first 10 minutes.

I’m not making this recommendation to all of you. Just the ones who give a shit about good filmmaking, story telling and stories without resolve. What is real life but a story without resolve.



3 thoughts on “Well, slit my wrists! I watched the movie August: Osage County over the weekend

  1. Hard to watch and left me feeling like was punched around. But yeah, I guess, there is value in that… Amazing for all the reasons you mentioned. Did you like the ending? I needed a good friend help me see the genius there.

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    I liked the ending in that it left you unsatisfied, and it’s a bit of a tradition within that particular genre of film.

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