My Sigma DP Quattro arrived yesterday … first impressions #sigmaquattro

I finally received a borrowed Sigma DP Quattro yesterday for a hands-on review.

My first impression was a good one. I liked the ergonomics and the weight. It turned on quickly. And after figuring out the focus feature and how to take it off manual, I did some aperture priority shots.

I noticed it was already set to shoot raw + JPG, and after I saw it in the menu, turned that off to just shoot raw.

My first shots were outside of my dog Talulah. When I got back, I threw the card in my iMac and wanted to open the raws.

They wouldn’t open in Photoshop, so I googled it. I finally opened the envelope that came with the camera and it explained where to find the software to open raw images.

Long story short, the software was way too slow to use effectively. I’m used to large files. We shoot medium format, and I’m no stranger to large files.

So at the moment, I want to send the camera back. I don’t want to work with JPGs. I want to get down and dirty with RAW images.

My favorite moment so far has been photographing the camera itself.

I’ll hold on to it, though, and see if I can land a better impression.