Day 2 with the Sigma Dp2 Quattro Test Shoot … a bit of Low Light Performance #sigmaquattro


The Thursday of the Sigma Dp2 Quattro Test Drive went okay. If you’re not familiar with this, go here to read more about the program.

I’m still a little miffed that working with raw images isn’t a bit more friendly. I’d love to really get down and dirty with the raw data.

Don’t get me wrong, you can open them in Sigma’s proprietary software, but it’s painfully slow, and this is on my current iMac setup. We also work with large files often, so I’m pointing the finger at Sigma saying, “You should have made working with raw data a bit better before releasing this camera.”

Why would I want to work with a jpg of this size? The images look nice for the most part, but I’m not wow’d and want a chance with them in my regular workflow.

If I can get someone to meet me at the studio today, I might do a couple shots with it in studio lighting.

Many of the shots below were taken with my friends at our local watering hole, just a short two minute walk from my condo in Chicago.

For the most part, these shots are straight out of camera except for a couple that I took using different color settings in the camera. If I didn’t like the color, I just swiped down the saturation setting. The long exposure is one taken by turning on the timer and leaving it on a window sill. 

The focus is pretty good and the anti-shake function seems to work pretty well. The Sigma folks warn you that the sweet ISO window is 100 to 500, and they are not kidding.

If you test-drove the camera, what were your thoughts? If you have any feedback, please leave comments below.













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