August self portrait: Forced Perspective … and here is my deflated sigh

Many of you know I’m doing a 12-month self portrait challenge with fellow photographer Sunny Lee.

For our August self portrait, the theme of Forced Perspective was chosen. And by chosen, I mean I didn’t choose it.

I found myself in a depressed state of “what to do?” and “I’m so uninspired” and “I hate this theme” and “I’m going to Kill Sunny Lee for choosing it.”

Yesterday, I thought of a great idea, but executing it ended up being much more difficult than I anticipated. My concept was to do a forced perspective of holding a drawing of my face in front of my face, while looking through the top view of my Hasselblad viewfinder, and then using our stand-in Mannequin’s body underneath the camera to make it look like another forced perspective.

Like I said, execution wasn’t as simple as I thought.

I started with a photo that Bill took of me during a light test.

Ryan helped me with the drawing. I gave the drawing a whirl at first, but it turned out crappy. I used to draw self portraits as a teen all the time, and it wasn’t easy when I wanted to rush through it.

When I got the images from the shoot, I decided to nix the second forced perspective of the body underneath camera. I’ll post an example below the fold for you to see.

You’ll notice that I thought the image was going to be upside down for some reason, but the image is reversed left to right. You can see below that it looks like my wedding ring is on my right hand.

I’ll also post my concept drawings as well as my original drawing. Enjoy.

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This is your brain on drugs …

Remember that 80s commercial when you were growing up — erhm, I was growing up — of butter bubbling in a frying pan and then two eggs dropping into the pan with the voice saying, “Okay, last time, this is drugs. This is your brain on drugs …” here’s an update to that video.

Original commercial here.