Grilled, glazed tofu on soba noodles with broccoli


This grilled glazed tofu is quickly becoming one of our favorites. The glaze is a five minute reduction of soy sauce, white wine, a bit of water, sugar, garlic, sriracha, and ginger.

The tofu goes right on a hot grill with some salt and pepper for five minutes a side. Then you move the tofu to a cooler area and brush the glaze on for two minutes a side.

Meanwhile, I sauté some broccoli just before a light steam and throw it all onto some noodles.

After you eat, you feel strong, like bull, and gloat to your friends and family that you didn’t murder a cow or chicken so that you could live another day.

Tonight, I’m grilling steaks, though, so go screw yourselves, you politically correct, elitist jerks.