Tina and I are traveling to Turkey and Italy in October/November.

Travel is food for the brain. It nourishes the body in a way that food cannot.

So gobble up travel tips. I don’t agree with all these tips from Anthony Bourdain, but I can’t help but highlight a few here.

The one about not eating, I disagree with only because some of the longer trips I need a bite. That doesn’t mean I finish the damn thing. But I eat the bread and a bit of the meat, despite how nasty it looks.

These are my highlights. The rest are here. Enjoy.

I check my luggage. I hate the people struggling to cram their luggage in an overhead bin, so I don’t want to be one of those people.

I don’t get jet lag as long as I get my sleep. As tempting as it is to get really drunk on the plane, I avoid that. If you take a long flight and get off hungover and dehydrated, it’s a bad way to be. I’ll usually get on the plane, take a sleeping pill, and sleep through the whole flight. Then I’ll land and whatever’s necessary for me to sleep at bedtime in the new time zone, I’ll do that.

There’s almost never a good reason to eat on a plane. You’ll never feel better after airplane food than before it. I don’t understand people who will accept every single meal on a long flight. I’m convinced it’s about breaking up the boredom. You’re much better off avoiding it. Much better to show up in a new place and be hungry and eat at even a little street stall than arrive gassy and bloated, full, flatulent, hungover. So I just avoid airplane food. It’s in no way helpful.

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