John Keatley makes me want to shoot more portraits

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.45.06 PM

If you don’t know photographer John Keatley by name, you might know him by his work. He’s photographed portraits of a lot of celebrities including Macklemore, Dan Savage, and many others.

Sometimes I go through the gamut of gear emotions, including happiness and regrets for buying a Hasselblad a couple years ago.

But then I see an Instagram like the above screen grab, and it pleasures me to no end.

John Keatley recently upgraded his Hasselblad system, but his first Hassie was a H3DII-31, which is what I use.

He writes:

5 years ago my wife convinced me to pull the trigger and buy my trusty @HassyUSA H3D II 31 camera. It was a terrifying experience because change can be scary, but it didn’t take long to realize what a good decision it was. Today is the start of yet another chapter, and the next camera. This one was not so terrifying to pull the trigger on. Say hello to my Hasselblad H5D. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment and I like the addition of black and less silver. A very big thank you goes out to Bruce at @glazerscamera for all of his help. Everyone at Glazers really did go above and beyond as they always do. I’m excited to take this for a spin and see what she can do. Side note, it feels a little strange photographing a Hasselblad with an #iphone. I got some strange looks. 🙂 @hasselblad_official #Hasselblad #camera #Seattle

One day I’ll upgrade to a better version of the camera, but for now, the one I have suits me just fine for our needs.

Not to mention, if you browse his instagram, he’s got so many portraits, taken with every kind of camera including iPhones. I love that inspiration.

Go follow John Keatley here.