A photo post explosion! Catching up on catching up … please hold the ketchup

For the last month, Tina and I have had some of the most fun of our careers, all of which was not shared here.

“All for the sake of the deadline!” We shouted in unison.

This was and has been a daily mantra. Between consistently constant bookings and turning around work to our beloved partners in creativity — a.k.a. our clients — we worked both of our immune systems into complete compromise. Tina hasn’t felt 100% for about three weeks or more. While I feel okay, I don’t feel great. We’ve both spent many extra hours trying to recuperate, as we’ve spent many more hours trying to accommodate deadlines.

In a little more than a week, we fly out of Chicago ORD, land in sunny Istanbul, Turkey for two nights, followed by a week in balmy Italy.

And if it’s not warm in either place, we’ll just pretend.

Below is some of my work that I haven’t shared in a while, including shots from a furniture and fashion catalog, two editorials, and an interior of a little girl’s room found in a 33,000 sq. ft. home here in Chicago.

Lately has been some of the most inconsistent blogging I’ve ever done. So consider this a sort of over-extended apology.

alana--2 anees_-1-2 anees_-1 anees_-2 anees_-3 anees_-4 anees_-5 anees_-6 anees_-7 april- gail--2 lanier--2 lanier- little_girls_room-1-2 little_girls_room-1 little_girls_room-2 little_girls_room-3 little_girls_room-4 face-1-2 face-1 Kate_pankoke_cover-1 holy_child-1 357a0074-edit 357a0063-edit-2


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