It’s fall. Let’s take a trip to Turkey and Italy.


Tonight at 10 p.m., Tina and I make our ways into the heavens and will land sometime tomorrow in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is steeped in rich history, and it’s kind of a dream that we’ll be able to visit there. My dad reminded me yesterday that Christianity, in a way, was birthed in Istanbul. You’ll remember Constantine was a reformer of everything from military to religious structure.

And he declared Christianity the national religion of Rome, and there was also the counsel that decided the biblical cannon and wrote down the Nicene Creed, which if you have a church background, it’s probably rolling off your mind’s tongue right now.

I’m going to save wiki’s to read up on the history of Istanbul and Turkey while we’re in the air.

And I’m going to learn Turkish, because I have all the time in the world before we land tomorrow.

I also plan to learn Italian before we get to Italy on Sunday.

I guess Christianity is thematic of this trip since there’s a few highly religious connections in Italy as well. Apparently it’s where the president of the Catholic dress wearing men resides. And there are paintings there — very juvenile paintings — that you can see. Oh, and a sculpture or two. Ooo ooo ooo … and ruins.

Stand by for some travelogue photos. There may be a few posted while we travel.




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