I don’t see things in black and white … hashtag black and white challenge

On Facebook, I was challenged to the B&W challenge … the hashtag phenomenon that is the modern equivalent of a chain letter.

Like most photographers, I started with a basic SLR, a 50mm lens and a few rolls of B&W film.

But if I had a choice, I wouldn’t have shot black and white. I don’t care about black and white. I never have. I like when other people do black and white just fine. I guess I don’t love it either.

Sure film and photography got its start in black & white, but nothing compared to color. Sure, people almost fainted the first time they saw a train approaching in the Z axis. And nothing terrorized audiences like King Kong beating his chest in the original.

But it’s Technicolor that ended up being the milkshake that brought all the boys — and girls — to the yard.

Or that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I see a lot of people receive the black and white challenge and they go find some beloved work, convert it to black and white and present it to the world.

Big fucking yawn.

Some people really do see in black and white. Like the folks who photographed the movie Double Indemnity. Those people are artists.

I have friends who love and work well in the medium.

But I’m sorry. I see in color. Or my version of color. And that’s what I like.

Maybe it’s the metaphor of not seeing in black and white. Maybe it’s that the world works in a form of color to me, and it makes me happy to see things “realistically.”

But I’m taking the fucking challenge anyway. And I’m debating  between these two images as my first submission …






5 thoughts on “I don’t see things in black and white … hashtag black and white challenge

  1. I like hearing your thoughts on black and white v. color. It happens that I love black and white, but color rocks as well. To me, they are two different media, as different as black/white v. daguerreotype or dags v. paintings, etc. They capture different emotions, evoke different moods. You go with what moves you!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. That’s very kind.

      I agree with you, of course. People who do it right do it right because they get it. I’m just not sure “I get it.”

      I try to have fun with it though. 🙂

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