Becoming mindful … the holiday airplane approacheth.


It’s December 16. This is around the time when the stress of the approaching holidays becomes a bit of a brutal attack on my psyche.

It starts as early as Thanksgiving. And it lasts through the Christmas break.

It’s as if my whole life I was able to improve many attributes about my character, but the failures all revolve around coping with family at the holidays. I’m quite sure I’m not alone.

The stress manifests itself any many ways:

  • an extra beer or two at night.
  • increased thoughts of olden years about growing up in the south and who I grew up with
  • sleep issues
  • inexplicable bitter word exchanges between Tina and me.

Tina gets stressed, too. And if we don’t mindfully address that we’re likely verbally guillotining each others heads off at any spontaneous drop of the hatchet, we may forget that we’re actually best friends AND lovers.

My atheist prayers get answered

One of the hurdles with leaving religion was the automatic excuses to escape praying to a deity about everything from lost car keys, airplane turbulence or suffering the third day of a little sniffly cold.

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