Way late too the party, has everyone gone home? My thoughts on Final Cut Pro X

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.59.59 AM

I admit. I’ve been very resistant to upgrading my workflow to Final Cut Pro X.

I finally took the upgrade plunge midway through this year and decided to force myself to edit using the program.

For the first three or four 1.5 to 2 minute promos I completed, I found myself struggling and wanting to take a knife and stab it to its brutal demise.

I forced myself from rushing back and firing up FCP 7 and abandon the program that came out in 2011-ish. When it first came to the market place, I remember criticisms that it was too much like iMovie and that professional editors wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon.

I downloaded a trial twice as I’ve had two new computers since then. Each time, I didn’t get it. I hated what I saw. It didn’t feel intuitive. I couldn’t do what I do very, very quickly in FCP 7 and I didn’t have time to sit with a brand new interface and workflow.

Besides, I bought one of the first copies of FCP, version 1.0, in 1999. I love editing in it. I’m fast. Really fast. It was good enough. And that’s all that mattered.

The learning curve for FCPX seemed to steep.

There isn’t an editing session that goes by in which I can avoid googling how to do something. Sometimes it’s as easy as finding a key command for something I can’t find or even changing the font color on title overlay. Sometimes the answer is smack dab in front of me. Other times, it’s not so obvious.

I can say that after about 6 months, I’m 65% glad I made the upgrade/switch. I’m still struggling with speed of editing. And if I am making a google search or two an editing session, it’s preventing me from a level of productivity that I once enjoyed.

Although, some things are so awesome that I can’t imagine going back. I love keywording. I love editing while my playhead is moving. I love audition.

I love that it seems to work well as I move things in and it snaps everything back into place if something is removed. I love that I can use Canon 5D Mark III footage straight after transferring it to my hard drive.

I love to edit by watching the wave forms, and can identify “Ums” by staring at an interview and take them out almost without listening.

I don’t know if I like how it edits sound, though, but I’m learning. Often times, I’m record audio using two different tracks of audio on the right and left channels, and I don’t know if there’s an easy way to designate, say, the left track as both the right and left, deleting the right track. This is a question for google.

Thankfully, so many of the questions I have, so many people have created how-to videos for. So I have to pat myself on the back, because I waited until enough people had the same problems as many of these videos have thousands and thousands of views. #GoMe.

There seems to be a lot more learning to do. And I’d like to get my happiness level up closer to 85% to 90%.

Like all programs, I manage to crash FCPX quite a bit. When I do it in FCP7, I realize what I did wrong 9 times out of 10. I don’t know the nuances of FCP X yet.

I liken the process to what it must feel like to break up with a loved one, and struggle with getting in bed with a new lover. Every time you get her going, you get insecure or miss the old love enough to consider running back.

FCP X is my video editing rebound.

I’m hoping not to breakup with the rebound lover and rush over to Adobe or maybe someone hotter.



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