A few thoughts on the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States of America

I imagine most of America, and the world, is reviewing yesterday’s election results with some sort of excitement.

Whether your excitement is emboldened or deflated, or somewhere in between, that’s certainly up for grabs.
I’m not thrilled about the results. But I get it. Hillary just wasn’t an “It” candidate. The negatives were stacked against her. Just being a female democrat, following our first black, two term democratic president, was enough to knock her out of the possible victory lap.
The fact that she never owned up to being a wealthy, elitist worked against her.
Her email scandals and the history of being railed for different “failures”. Hell, standing by her man despite all the philandering bullshit.
I wasn’t surprised last night. I wasn’t shocked or appalled.
Every time I saw polls showing Hillary’s potential win, I reminded myself that anything could happen. And until that one lady sung, I had to stay open minded to the results.
As early as last spring, I have texts to friends referring to our next President … President Trump.
When Nate Silver was posting that the Cubs had less of a chance to win the World Series as Trump, then they went on to win … that to me was a wake up that the pollsters and analysts were easily proved wrong.
Those things all created a sense of malaise and insecurity among independents, including myself. It discredited her appearance of strength. And strength and charisma are two of the greatest presidential qualities that attract sheep — I mean people.
I’m not surprised by the results of the election. Trump is going to make America great again. He’s going to disassemble the IRS. He’s going to make our economy boom.
He’s going to make us all winners.
Trump’s win is also a win for evangelicals. One, we shouldn’t disregard Trump’s running mate and his future influence.
And there’s also the idea that people “prayed” for this result and the result was positive.
Not that no one prayed for a different outcome during the last two elections.
I have an optimistic approach to what’s next, only because this election reflects historical trends, the pingpong effect of democrats in power followed by “republicans,” whatever that means.
I also hope that evangelicals bolster a “Christian” outlook of pushing Trump to elevate public discourse. To hold Trump to “Christian” values of mercy, forgiveness, acceptance of foreigners, of enemies, of those that are different and to fiscal responsibility.
I’m also realistic, and don’t have too high of hopes that that will happen.
Onward and upward, America.
Let’s do this.

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