John Oliver runs down the American Health Care Act with a locomotive, but it’s not going to help you, me or anybody else.

I have little to no confidence that I can hope to have access to decent health care again like I have over the past several years.

It’s so fucking sad. Has no one heard the screams and pleas of real Americans on this fucking topic?


Oh wait, they have ERs. So we’re good. Let’s attack a country!!!

Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Donald J Trump become pen pals?

Below is the entirety of a letter that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote to President Trump seen at TYWKIWDBI and found in full here. It might be easier to read from the link.

I doubt there would ever be a response from the White House. But if there were one, it would be written at Trump’s third grade level in two or three different messages no longer than 140 characters.


I’m not going to quote/indent the text, but the rest of this post is the letter.

To: His Excellency, Mr. Donald John Trump
The president of the United States of America
Hello there.
Your Excellency has been elected, in the recent US election, as the president of the country.
It can be inferred from the political and media atmosphere in the US that the result of the election has been despite the status quo, and beyond the will and prediction of the governing body and the main system behind the scene of the US political stage.
The stances of the rival party and some of your party members and most western leaders suggest the same notion. Irrespective of whether or not that is true, the recent election revealed part of the actual and accumulated demands of the US people.

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