“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Just like every other thoughtful, sentient being living on planet Trump today, I’m dumbstruck by the level of holy-shit-balls-it’s-fucking-nuts these days. I’m fully aware I’m not the only person who is incapable of comparing the events in America to writings by George Orwell.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” goes through my head about once a day.

I scratched my head a bit as to why 1984 sales surged early in Trumptopia’s new regime when I feel like Animal Farm is more àpropos to the conversation.

At the time of this writing, Trump’s only been in the office 59 days8 hours16 minutes33 seconds. Barring screaming from a minority of shouting voices on the left and the right, I get the continued feeling that the self-aware among us are more oppositional to the course we’re on. There are die-hard fans of Trump’s campaign promises and republican so-called ideals that will stand on the poop deck holding on for dear life with this administration as the ship with a gaping hole in its hull descends under icy-cold water … and its captain and his family rides off in safety on a lifeboat. 

So many feel helpless. I too feel that sentiment.

Even more feel hapless. I ride in that boat, too. 

What I think is the problem more than any other is that the Trump brand dominates all the social media feeds, all the news feeds, all the late-night comedy scripts, all the news cycles, all the everything.

This is the hypodermic needle model of marketing taken to its furthest point possible.

I’m surprised there aren’t spaces on restaurant menus dedicated to Trump Tweets du Jour. Or when the waiter comes to the table, he spouts off the specials followed by Trumps most recent tweet storm.

I’m surprised that we don’t all have rolling ticker tape signs running around the peripheries of our bedroom walls so that we might wake in the middle of the night to read new news scrolling past in a red blinky train of seizure- and nausea-inducing terrors and subsequent nightmares that is the 140 character, middle-of-the-night tweets from Hair Furor.

In recent days, the Chorus on the Left has screamed in collective unison in response to Trump’s budget proposal slashing cash flow to all sorts of government agencies including — but not limited to — the EPA, the NEA, the NPR and that dirty, filthy program of whiny Government teat sucklers … MOW.

I mean, Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Fucking Wheels.

And to watch clips of republicans supporting this budget slash. Appalling.

Or not.

Who knows.

I was under the impression that meals on wheels provided an incredibly necessary service to elderly people who may not eat otherwise.

I was on Facebook this morning, and I read a blog post titled, “The Christian Right was Right,” by a so-called, red-letter-reading Christian named John Pavlovitz.

In the post, he writes:

I confess that I was dead wrong about this. I have to hand it to the Christian Right, they knew what the heck they were talking about all this time. They knew this was going to happen and predicted it with astounding accuracy, over and over again.

And what was he right about?

For years The far Christian Right has been warning us about Godless hordes coming to destroy America and it turns out this was true—it’s just that the words were autobiographical.


Yes, the Christian Right was right, evil was going to run amok through the world and terrorize the lives of ordinary people and make a mockery of God. And that is what it is surely doing in these days.
I owe them an apology.
I should have believed them.
I once was blind, and now I see.

It’s astounding that some, only some, Christians are recognizing the godlessness of rightwing thought. It’s a continued complaint by the godless, who seem to be more mindful of being godlike than those who claim to love and worship god.

Who exactly are the atheists here?

Sometimes I get the feeling that god-lovers call themselves atheists. And the godless among us call themselves “Christians.”

Is this the doublespeak that Mr. Orwell wrote about? You know, the “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

Probably not.

What the hell is my point?

The Trump budget wants to eliminate government agencies that benefit many, if not all of us, by providing many, if not most of us, with the means to bring news, art, healthcare, clean air, meals, etc. to the least of these who live, contribute, and die in this country.

Why? Because of the republican ideal of eliminating government waste? I get that. I’m fiscally conservative. If not very conservative. And I agree that if we are to think of government as needing a huge overhaul, than let’s do it. Let churches and other organizations step to the plate of getting Jesus-y on the poor, the elderly, the widows, the orphans, and any other beatitude’d individual.

But that means eliminating the doublespeak. We must eliminate all government handouts to undeserving recipients of handouts.

And when we hear that Mr. Trump is dumping millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars on traveling back and forth to Mar-o-lago, to protecting his family in New York, to allowing his son the benefit of maintaining the same elite school experience, there is an uncanny threat of undeniable hypocrisy.

And if we are cutting budgets for all governmental waste, it’s time that the Trump family step up the same governmental waste plate, and dump all their taxpayer handouts that benefit them — his spoiled-rotten, undeserved family and friends — with levels of taxpayer funded whimsy to do whatever the fuck they want.

I do believe that Melania, Barron, Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, et al, have just the same capacity to scale back their government enriched life-styles by eschewing their tax-payer funded meals, housing, and superfluous and egregious theft of our hard-earned money.

To eliminate government waste, let’s all agree to scale back on the zeros written on their welfare checks. How does Trump argue to the millions of Americans set to lose their healthcare  that they don’t deserve charitable services, while he soaks in a tub funded by our collective taxed asses.

So long as all animals are created equal, and not that some animals are designated more equal than others …

I think we’d all be sound as fucking pounds.



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