Today in Trump embarrassing America

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11 01 26 AM


Yawn. A man so distraught by public perception that a 17-year-old’s little website with a game in which a cat swats at Hair Furor’s head caused Trump’s lawyers to send “cease and desist” letters. Story here. Play the game here.

Everything that doesn’t reflect the yellow snowflake well is “fake news.” Trump tweets NBC, ABC broadcast ‘biased and fake’ Russia stories. Story here.

The Trump family is cashing the BIGGEST welfare checks of all time. America’s poor deserves no government aid so that we can spend a shit ton of our government taxpayer money pampering ONE family. One small story here. (Secret services asks for $60M more budget in 2018).

Trump Jr. gets a much needed slap down for being a dick to London’s Mayor hours after news of the terrorist attack. What a political hack. Story.

Playground president says, “I’m president and you’re not.” Na na na na boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.

Whilst grasping at straws, Trump says, “So that means I’m right” on intel information that still has nothing to do with his claim that Obama surveilled him.

This is Trump’s on-going quest to embarrass Americans every day in anyway he can.

You’re welcome.

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