Don’t look back in anger


EDIT: The original videos I posted are not available any longer. I’ll post videos I find when possible.

We’ve been watching the Manchester One Love concert today. You know, the concert organized by Ariana Grande after the attack in Manchester two weeks ago.

I’m sure everyone gets upset by these terrorist attacks. But I become particularly affected by them. I often cry as I weed through initial reports of unnecessary violence. Whether religiously motivated or just fucking dim bulbs with penchant for ruining a lot of good people’s day.

I’m not a fan of all of the music I’ve heard today, but the emotions and the power behind the artists, the art and the fans was a needed resuscitation from the negative bullshit commandeering all of our feeds/news cycles/screens.

Even the music from artists I don’t necessarily care for, I found my cheeks drenched with a mix of emotions, mainly in support of seeing this massive crowd bound in solidarity and love is therapy I didn’t know I needed.

Google the concert and listen to the stuff you love. Hopefully somewhere it’s being streamed again.

Fuck terrorists. Fuck terror. Fuck violence. Fuck hate. Fuck people who hurt other people and don’t have the decency to search out a way to fix/mend/ameliorate/listen/learn.

Fuck ’em.

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