Today in madness news

The news outdoes itself every other hour these days. A slow news day is mentioning Trump only a gazillion times instead of a bubbagrillion zillion drillion (a real number).

Let’s drop a handful of news items right here that show just how fucking insane things are in the media, fake or otherwise:

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A Blue Angel scares the bejeezus out of a crowd at last weekend’s Air & Water Show

This short video (not mine) shows a crowd of people staring in the wrong direction when a Blue Angel tears over them in Chicago last weekend.

It’s a fun video to watch and rewatch staring at a different person each time.

No matter how long I live in this city, I will never get over the fear when the Blue Angels or fighter jets rehearse the week of the show and then over the weekend. Fireworks and Blue Angels make me think of the negative aspects of war. I hate it.

They are pretty to look at, but when the planes are obstructed by buildings and no matter where you look, you can only see glimpses of them crossing portions of sky, it’s painfully scary.

Imagine the sound of the jet in the clip above (over and over and over and over) for an hour or more a day for about four days. Yeah. Scary.