Today in madness news

The news outdoes itself every other hour these days. A slow news day is mentioning Trump only a gazillion times instead of a bubbagrillion zillion drillion (a real number).

Let’s drop a handful of news items right here that show just how fucking insane things are in the media, fake or otherwise:

Donald Trump press adviser responsible for finding positive news leaves job 

The man tasked with finding and distributing good news about Donald Trump has left his job at the White House.

Andy Hemming, the White House director of rapid response, reportedly worked 17-hour days finding positive news about the administration and sending it to reporters, television personalities, and other influencers. The White House said his departure this week was a “mutual decision”.



His loony lovers post old pictures claiming it was from the Arizona rally earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.23.15 PM.png


Laura Ingraham posted a photo from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Championship parade as a photo of Trump supporters in Phoenix on her website on Thursday.

More here.

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