Reading recommendation: Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss

I’m midway through reading Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss.

In a nutshell, Ferriss interviewed a shit-ton of celebrities, scientists, entrepreneurs,  thinkers, successful people, notable people, etc. etc., asked them all the same 11 questions, and he compiled most of their answers into a book.

Mind you, it feels culty and a little contrived at times. But damn if it’s not inspiring and thought provoking. I’m recommending it to you. Yes, you. Go pick it up and read it.

It’s interesting to see the crossover from different people. When asked how to get out of a funk, almost universally, people say they take a walk. Rather than beat your head over trying to stick in front of a conundrum, get your head out of your ass, away from the computer and switch it up.

Another crossover between the most successful people seems to be meditation. Meditation is something I already practice, so I’m looking forward to maybe doing it more. Right now, I have a reoccurring calendar item that reads Two O’clock Two Minutes. Just doing two minutes at a time is better than nothing. But as I wrote in my last post, I use my swimming time and my running as time to lose myself into a nothing in my mind state. The longer the run or swim, the better the meditative durations. I LOVE THAT.

One of the things I may do for a while here on Café Witteveen is share a quote or quotes from the book. I will either talk about the quote or won’t. Just let it sit and resonate with you or not. I won’t necessarily tell you who or what the author is. You’d have to google him or her yourselves. But the quotes will, in some way, inspire me and I hope they inspire you.

I absolutely hate the New Year’s resolution racket. But New Year’s are as good a time as any to at least try to get back into something or another. Or re-new one’s love for different things. I loved blogging several years ago, and my hope is to get back into it. For no one else but me. And if other people jump onboard for the ride, cool.

If you are onboard, jump into the comments and let me know. Tell me your story. Tell me where to find your blog. Or your tumbler or Instagram.

Here’s a quote just to whet your whistle, because it’s something I started doing a year and a half ago, which is: emphasize sleep. I didn’t realize just how much sleep helps so many things, clarity of mind, better workouts, and a lowered resting heart rate among other things.

Over the last five years, I’ve started to become more attuned to the various ways I need to take care of myself. And at the top of that list is sleep. I need eight to nine hours of sleep to function properly, and I’ve started guarding my sleep time mercilessly. I spend a lot more quiet nights at home, and when I do go out to dinner, I’ll insist on an early-bird reservation or cut out early. I’ve even been known to go to bed while my guests are still partying. They’re happy, I’m happy, it’s all good. My obsession with sleep has improved my life immeasurably.
Samin Nosrat