Oprah Winfrey receives Cecil B. de Mille award at 2018 Golden Globes

This speech from Oprah is awe-inspiring. I wish we had more of her voice, and voices like hers, on a daily or even weekly basis.

While I would certain vote for Oprah Winfrey in a contest between Donald Trump and her, I do not agree with the growing chorus of voices hoping she’ll run for president. I agree with those who are saying, “Rise through the ranks and run for president after learning politics first.”

The current president has made enough audacious mockery of the most prestigious and powerful seat in the US and possible the globe. The seat of the president isn’t a popularity contest for wealthy celebrities. You want experts in positions of power.

Just this morning, I read that Trump’s work day is currently 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. He probably takes two hours for lunch, and more breaks than a lazy kid at his first job bussing tables.

Oh wait, I was kidding, according to the article:

  • On Tuesday, Trump has his first meeting of the day with Chief of Staff John Kelly at 11am. He then has “Executive Time” for an hour followed by an hour lunch in the private dining room. Then it’s another 1 hour 15 minutes of “Executive Time” followed by a 45 minute meeting with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. Then another 15 minutes of “Executive Time” before Trump takes his last meeting of the day — a 3:45pmmeeting with the head of Presidential Personnel Johnny DeStefano — before ending his official day at 4:15pm.

  • Other days are fairly similar, unless the president is traveling, in which case the days run longer. On Wednesday this week, for example, the president meets at 11am for his intelligence briefing, then has “Executive Time” until a 2pm meeting with the Norwegian Prime Minister. His last official duty: a video recording with Hope Hicks at4pm.

  • On Thursday, the president has an especially light schedule: “Policy Time” at 11am, then “Executive Time” at12pm, then lunch for an hour, then more “Executive Time” from 1:30pm.

Of course it’s all fake news.

Fake fake fakity Fake.

But there’s this breakdown of his schedule of what’s public, so I’m thinking the Axios article is legitity git.


In the world of — fill in the blank — everyone wants to succeed immediately …

In the book Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss, there’s a quote from Steven Pressfield that reads:

In the world of writing, everyone wants to succeed immediately and without pain or effort. Really? Or they love to write books about how to write books, rather than actually writing . . . a book that might actually be about something.

In reality, you could probably replace “writing” with almost any profession.

“In the world of photography, everyone wants to succeed immediately.”

“In the world of cooking, painting, accounting, lawyering, everyone wants to succeed immediately.”

Hell, you could replace it with nonprofessional things like, “Marriage,” “Friendship,” “Parenthood” … “being human”.

Nothing worth a good goddamn is immediate. Life is ongoing and recognizing success is not immediate and maybe even a constant effort … it reboots the brain into a sympathetic state.

In the world of empathy, I hope to be a better success story. I hope you do, too.