Let’s check out some advice from Ben Stiller

I think people are too aware of trying to figure out what’s “hot” and trying to emulate that. Ultimately, you need to develop your own voice as a filmmaker or even as an actor. It takes time. In terms of bad recommendations, don’t believe anyone who tells you they know what they are doing. William Goldman, the screenwriter, once wrote, “nobody knows anything” in the movie business, and it is true. I know I don’t, and I have been doing it a long time … So don’t listen to anyone who tells you what kind of movie to write, or how you should look, or what kind of work to do.
Ben Stiller from Tim Ferriss’s book Tribe of Mentors

This is a quote I could return to again and again. I don’t have much time, but I wanted to jot down a couple things:

I certainly believe in trying to develop your own creative voice. I feel like that’s an ever-evolving concept and I am enjoying the ride of my own creative voice’s development.

Then there’s the part about “Nobody knows anything in the movie business.”

I believe you can easily change out the words movie business with a lot of different industries.

I was once photographing a model who had worked at Playboy. It was early in my studio photography development, and I remember her saying at one point, “You’re not doing it any differently then the most seasoned expert. Everyone looks like they’re not exactly sure once in a while.”

I’ve heard that elsewhere. And that makes me both sad and happy. Ha.

Also, from experience, I’ve seen way too many people who graduate in fine art, or photography or in graphic design, who knew shit about the industry except for maybe a little bit about how to design. So much of art is the technical, and they knew zilch. I never got a degree in those things, but I was able to train myself. Said and done, a lot of what industries know as pro is often a self-involved process to reach and not necessarily some kind of exact education.

These are only suppositions. Not entire truths. Just observations.


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