Mike Maples Jr. sings the hits

From Timothy Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors, this is a quote from investor Mike Maples Jr:

Don’t let yourself define what matters by the dogma of other people’s thoughts. And even more important, don’t let the thoughts of self-doubt and chattering self-criticism in your own mind slow you down. You will likely be your own worst critic. Be kind to yourself in your own mind. Let your mind show you the same kindness that you aspire to show others.

This is advice that I give myself once a day at least. Be kind to yourself. To myself.

Don’t listen to the critics, especially the ones in your head.

Do more. Make/Share.


Yesterday I had lunch with a photographer friend Ben. He’s 10 years younger than I. His work is amazing. I learn so much from him and his unfettered, creative approach to his work.

He’s also working his ass off to be the best photographer he can be, the best husband and the best friend and human. We talked for hours yesterday about our processes. About our routines. He has a really difficult time getting out of bed. I don’t.

He is really good at working with in limitations. I feel like I am, too.

I haven’t created inspiration boards in a long time. He seems to do it all the time.

Sometimes I hate looking at other people’s work, because it either makes me feel inferior or I have this idea that I can generate all my own ideas on my own without anyone else’s assistance.

I’ve had two experiences this past week that were pointing me back toward Pinterest as a method of idea creation.

But back to the quote above. Being kind to yourself, to myself, in my mind. In your mind. Let this be the philosophy of your day. And then everything else that follows will come from a state of goodness and positivity.

Although what good art comes from complete positivity … the angst and the agony often generates so much good as well.

Oh the conundrum.