Surprise! I joined a cult


Image resultLeading out of last year, there were many conversations between Tina and her cousin Kelly about trying a new diet in the new year.  One that Kelly learned about through a dietician is called the Whole30 diet.

Dubious at first, Tina researched it and discovered that it was a diet recommended to her a few years ago by our doctor because of Tina’s ongoing, persistent allergies. According to our doctor, whom we both loved and looked up to, the recommendation is that there might be foods in one’s diet that exacerbates certain allergies.

To discover if this is true or not, the dieter must eliminate several food types and groups for 30 days and then over the course of a couple weeks, reintroduce the different foods one at a time. The hope is to discover which foods are causing or exacerbating the allergies. Continue reading “Surprise! I joined a cult”