Venture investor Steve Jurvetson sings the hits

From Timothy Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentorsventure investor Steve Jurvetson writes:

“Celebrate the childlike mind.” From what I can see, the best scientists and engineers nurture a childlike mind. They are playful, open-minded, and unrestrained by the inner voice of reason, collective cynicism, or fear of failure. What is so great about the “childlike” mind? Once again, I highly recommend Alison Gopnik’s Scientist in the Crib to any geek about to have a child. Here is one of her key conclusions: “Babies are just plain smarter than we are, at least if being smart means being able to learn something new. . . . They think, draw conclusions, make predictions, look for explanations and even do experiments. . . . In fact, scientists are successful precisely because they emulate what children do naturally.”

Love this quote!

You know what else babies aren’t bogged down by? Dogma. Government. Politics. Religion. Race. Obstacles and barriers.

Those things are distractions and learned superfluous ideas.